Do 19:30 | 90 akzepTANZ – Connecting Movement – Elke

19:30 - 21:00
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akzepTANZ – Connecting Movement

In the group movement meditation we build a deep mind-body connection that allows us to let go and to put aside our stressed everyday ego.
We focus on the sensual perception of our own body with guided movement exercises.
With a sharpened awareness of our intuitive needs, we get in touch with each other and create a common movement story.
Movement tools and principles of body awareness are taught, which can be transferred to everyday processes. We feel inner tensions, let energies flow freely and explore the power of resistance. How can we learn to trust the language of the body and touch?
What does attachment feel like? In what way can my body give and receive
There is no previous movement experience needed. You should be open to contact and touch. To be able to trust we will make space to communicate any boundaries you might have and make sure that they are respected.

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