Sunday Contact Jam session and improvisation into movement – Wanda

25. Februar 2018 um 11:00 – 13:00
Sunday Contact Jam session and improvisation into movement - Wanda

If this is your first contact Jam or your frequenting Jams all over Berlin.
Our workshop: 1100-1150
For all levels, we can never know enough about how our bodies moves and its never to late to start exploring your movement language.

Learn how to go into contact with others and yourself
question your own movement styles
discover new possibilities in your body
Learn how to flow, roll and become one with the floor

This is an improvisation based workshop. You will be presented with different task and different focuses to help explore your own movement potential. As well as practical exercises to learn how to go into contact safely with others.

Our Jam
1200 – 1300
Your warmly Welcome to our Innenraum Sunday Jam session.
We welcome all lovers of movement to come explore this beautiful space with us and help us questions ourselves and others through movement and non verbal communication.

We will Dance, Move, Explore, Sing, Laugh, Run, Fall, Walk

Our only rules

We respect each other

Stay safe

and remain in the room for the entire session (as mover or observer).

Price: EUR10.00 online before 20.2.18 or 12Euro on the door if we are not full. Please book in advance to avoid disappointment.